Almost every ballet step starts and ends with a plié; a bending of the knees while the feet are planted on the ground.

To every person who is pursuing a dream, we collectively know that the journey is as important as the goal itself. Often, the journey is filled with challenges and triumphs we could never have seen coming. I have been pursuing the art of ballet from the time I was 5 years old. I love each studio, each performance, each time my feet have had the chance to dance. I’m chasing my dream, I’ve found over and over again the undeniable importance of plié, in the studio and in my heart.

In ballet, plié is subtle, you’ll hardly notice this grounding step between other movements. However, in life, plié has become obvious, but equally as important. It’s the art of finding your flexibility and willingness to make changes, a bending of the knees, while you remain firm in the pursuit of your dream. For me, plié has meant a lot of movement as I passionately seek the teaching and technique of the best instructors in the country to grow in my skills and grace as a dancer. Are moves easy? Absolutely not. You leave your routines, your comforts, your friends and you start over on those things each time- but my feet remain planted in my passion and from that, I won’t be moved.