When we made the move to California there were a number of factors that influenced the decision- Southland Ballet Academy was strongly recommended by my mentor and friend, Fabrice Calmels and it put us much closer to family, who were needing support with health issues. 

We've found it a huge blessing to be closer to family, and we have definitely seen first hand why SBA came so highly recommended. I have come to greatly appreciate and respect my Artistic Director, teacher and mentor, Ms. Salwa. 

Unlike many before her, Ms. Salwa has taken the time to understand who I am, what I want and what I need. Dancing takes a huge toll on my body and Ms. Salwa understands that there is a time to prepare, to push yourself during shows and rehearsals but she also notices her dancers needs while they're training. Ms. Salwa takes time to teach us how to care for body and get the rest necessary to continue to strengthen and build longevity for our careers instead of encountering major medical issues and cutting off our dreams before we've really even began to live them.

Ms. Salwa has been an inspiring and crucial part of my training and I am a better dancer because of her.