Sophia Bovet


Sophia Bovet Johncox, age seventeen, is a part of the new generation of dancers who are mastering the elegant level of artistry needed to be successful and the high demand of athleticism within the art. Her love for movement began very early, starting her first ballet classes at the age of five. With an infectious can-do attitude and ferocious fearlessness, Sophia has propelled in her passion since those early years. By acknowledging the value of hard work and dedication, Sophia has been fortunate enough to train in a variety of technical and quality environments. Her distinctive hunger to progress in dance has allowed her the opportunity to grow her resume, reputation and repertory.

Sophia's dance story began at The Academy of the Arts in Jackson, Michigan. Offering an education across a varied genres of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Irish Dance, the instructors facilitated Sophia to connect her unique gift with an acknowledged responsibility to refine her abilities. Sophia's Academy of the Arts instructors encouraged her to begin dedicating more time to maturing her skills. At this time, Sophia began commuting nearly 7 hours weekly to pursue her career as a professional dancer at the Joffrey Ballet Academy in Chicago. Here, she began intensive training under wonderful instructors such as Karin Ellis-Wentz and Victoria Fornelli. Sophia was cast in the Joffrey Nutcracker and had the honor of performing with The Joffrey Ballet at historic Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University in Chicago. Sophia was even provided the opportunity to take many distinctively personalized private lessons under now current A&A Ballet Owners, Alexei Kremnev  and Anna Reznik.

Sophia's unwavering commitment did not go unnoticed, and soon allowed her the opportunity of training with Joffrey Ballet Principal dancer, Fabrice Calmels. Sophia flourished under Calmels' profound influence, and soon became even more driven to pursue a professional career in ballet. Seeing her immense skill and potential, Calmels advised Sophia to attend summer intensives. Under his direction Sophia has attended Paris Opera Ballet, Ellison Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, and the San Francisco Ballet.

Being a ballerina with Sophia's aptitude comes with sacrifice, and her family knows that. During her studies in Chicago, her instructors encouraged Sophia to board at a school offering a rigorous ballet conservatory. Although her instructors' influence was admired and respected, Sophia's parents opted to abstain from boarding Sophia at that time, choosing instead to preserve their family unit while Sophia was still young.

When performing, Sophia offers an authentic and sincere picture of exquisite grace and beauty. She is just as beautiful and graceful off stage, but there's a delightful and engaging integrity about her personality. Humbled by the opportunities ballet has presented to her, Sophia isn’t letting any opportunity go unfollowed. Sophia is currently a member of the Trainee Program and continuing her instruction in advanced and sophisticated approaches at Southland Ballet Academy under the direction of Salwa Rizkalla.